The Process

The aim of the Life Science Exchange is to identify and develop effective innovative academic, public and private sector knowledge exchanges that deliver the results and impacts necessary to effect economic change.

The Life Science Exchange has been funded through the Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) programme. A4B is a programme of support funded by the Welsh Government and European Structural Funds aimed at providing a simplified, integrated package of support for knowledge transfer from academia to business. The aim of the overall programme is to promote a high value-added economy and to maximise the economic impact of academia and business through knowledge transfer and the creation of a stronger science, engineering and technology base with clear commercial potential.


The Life Science Exchange Process

The project was overseen by an executive level Steering Group, comprising senior representatives of all stakeholder groups within the Life Sciences sector, including academia, business, NHS Wales, and Welsh Government. This group set the strategy for the project, agreeing the areas in which detailed research should be undertaken and the approach to be taken by the project team.

The work of the Focus Groups and overall project management of the Life Science Exchange was undertaken by a small project team led by Professor David Ford.