Who: Life Science Exchange, ABMU Health Board & AliveCor

What: £9.5 Health Technology and TeleHealth Fund

When: January 2014

Output: £652,208 bid approved


On 30 Janurary 2014, the Welsh Government Life Sciences Inward Investment team introduced AliveCor to the Life Science Exchange project.  Welsh Government had pointed out to AliveCor the £9.5 million Health Technology and TeleHealth Fund from the Welsh Government, as well as made an introduction to Professor Julian Halcox.  Unfortunately, Prof. Halcox was unable to commit to working with the company on this bid due to a conflict of interest.  The Life Science Exchange worked with Prof. Halcox to find a cardiologist to lead the bid, Dr. James Barry, who immediately agreed.

Dr. Barry was the champion which drove this bid forward. The Life Science Exchange set up a face-to-face meeting between Welsh Government, AliveCor, and Dr. Barry. As a result of this meeting, Life Science Exchange made an introduction between Dr. Barry and Prof. Ceri Phillips, a health economist at Swansea University.  Prof. Phillips was able to provide input into the health economic portion of the bid.  The Life Science Exchange introduced Dr. Barry to Prof. Mike Gravenor, Professor of Biostatistics at Swansea University.  Prof. Gravenor provided the statistical analysis necessary to appropriate gauge the clinical trial size.

Prior to the submission of the preliminary bid for feedback, the Life Science Exchange provided edits and contributions to “governance and project management arrangements,” “creating value from integrating knowledge and capacity from different sectors,” and “potential to create economic value” sections of the bid document. Furthermore, the Life Science Exchange obtained a letter of support from the ABMU R&D Office for AliveCor’s bid, which was required for the grant. Life Science Exchange submitted the “Institutional Endorsement Form” to the College of Medicine and the Department of Research and Innovation at Swansea University.

On 07 March 2014, the bid was submitted to the £9.5 Health Technology and TeleHealth Fund with a total project value of £772,208. On 07 April 2014, the bid was approved for a total value of £772,208.

Dr. James Barry stated,

The Life Science Exchange provided an invaluable service while preparing a successful Health Technology and Telehealth Fund bid. The professional networking and administrative assistance as well as guidance were all very useful resources to be fortunate enough to have access to.