The aims of the project was to support the development of the Grand Challenge identified within Science for Wales, by establishing a knowledge exchange framework in conjunction with NISCHR AHSC and its Industry workstream to explore how all stakeholders can collaborate to fully exploit the possibilities for growth and development within the Life Sciences and Health sector. The project will undertake the following tasks:



  • review existing Life Science facilities resources and knowledge bases
  • compare these to the requirements of companies with interests in one or more of the defined Life Science and Health areas (medical technology, diagnostics, cell technologies and therapies, neuroscience, health informatics, infection and immunity, cancer, genetics, wound healing, primary care, public health and human nutrition).
  • consider examples of innovative / good practice from other countries with a buoyant Life Sciences sector (e.g. Denmark, Finland, USA).
  • identify additional opportunities to stimulate and develop Life Science innovation, and design measures to take advantage of these.
  • identify opportunities within Life Sciences for the Ser Cymru initiative and provide a foundation for establishment of National Research Networks.
  • stimulate new projects and better science across the sector.
  • utilise the marketing capability of Health Research Wales to promote increased investment into Wales.



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