In September 2012, Swansea University (in partnership with Cardiff University and MediWales) was tasked by the Welsh Government to lead a Knowledge Exchange Project (KEP) for the Welsh Life Sciences and Health area. The aim of the KEP programme was to increase interaction, develop more effective knowledge exchange mechanisms, and stimulate the formation and maintenance of long-term collaborative relationships between industry and academia.

We created Life Science Exchange as a process, not an organisation. Our vision was to create a mechanism which could continuously poll all the stakeholders in Wales’ complex life science ecosystem, in a way that allowed all to be involved. The object is to allow participants to interact with other stakeholder communities (clinical, academic, business, governmental), exchanging perspectives, and then to support them by thinking about how Wales could improve its performance. To provide focus, we streamed this work into groups representing Wales’ major subsectors.

This website draws on the primary focus group work conducted by the Life Science Exchange project. The aim is to provide stakeholder views of the sector and deliver key recommendations to policy makers (e.g. Welsh Government). We hope the report will influence and shape the thinking in determining a Life Sciences policy as well as further knowledge exchange support measures.

The Life Science Exchange is a beacon for how Wales should support its stakeholders, providing a process and resources for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploration of over £2 million in new opportunities. Moving forward, we hope to continue this excellence in our multi-disciplinary approach to the Life Sciences sector. I would like to thank my fellow colleagues and partners of the Life Science Exchange for their continued support through the last two years, as well as the many stakeholders who took the time to attend our events and contribute to this process.

I have great confidence in a bright future for the Welsh Life Sciences sector.


David Ford
Professor of Health Informatics
Swansea University